► INCURSIONS MODE: SCORING EXPLAINED! – Battlefield 1 Incursions (Competitive Mode)

Battlefield 1’s new Incursions competitive mode has a unique scoring system: I’m here to explain it! 😀 Video sponsored by EA.
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43 Replies to “► INCURSIONS MODE: SCORING EXPLAINED! – Battlefield 1 Incursions (Competitive Mode)”

  1. Westie , can you tell yet wether incursions is wholly a core game or will it have a hardcore version, or perhaps it's somewhere in between them both already and has it's own Comp standards,different to both core and hcore ?

  2. look im not hatin but ea is forcing these game modes on us , they look at whats hot n they want to copy it , the casual n arcady game dynamics doesnt allow for a competitive style play, u cant even peak properly in bf,we wanted moddin tools n a battle reccorder, they keep throwin at us what they want , gues what happens we dont play the game anymore…very simple.

  3. Hey guys, doing homework on the next DLC, Turning Tides. Mostly by looking at RL locations and comparing them to the likely list of battles in the DLC (Heligoland, Tsingtao, Zeebrugge, and at least one Gallipoli battle- most likely Cap Hellas because that features in The Runner single player). And I've come to several conclusions:

    -There will be a lot of urban warfare in this DLC. Heligoland I am calling a "naval Amiens times two." The island is a sedimentary stack, divided into an "Unterland" consisting of the lower town and sea port, and a higher altitude "Overland" to the west sitting on a tall ridgeline that runs the rest of the island, and incorporates the rest of town. Allied players can only enter the Overland by taking one of two hills, north and south, and the north hill has a road with a hairpin turn.

    -Cap Hellas has the potential of being crazy good. It has an unusual feature in that the western end of the map (Cap Hellas) will endear itself to scouts, the middle part (V Beach and Ertugrul Battery) is best suited for support, and the town of Seddalbahir and Kesikal (Old Fort) at the eastern end is best suited for assault and support. There isn't much cover at the western end and V Beach, and allied players will need naval vehicles and support to suppress Turkish troops. And the town and Old Fort (a Fao Peninsula size edifice) are sitting right off the beach

    -Zeebrugge will consist mainly of fighting for large warehouse buildings on the Zeebrugge Mole and city buildings near the Zeebrugge Canal. This map will resemble Albion in that the main land sections are divided by water, and attackers will have to use boats to move around effectively.

    -Tsingtao I haven't quite figured out yet. The Japanese Army did not land in the city itself, but on land at the western base of the Tsingtao Peninsula and marched east. This could be the initial landing or a fight for the last defense line above the city. Interestingly, Japanese cavalry played a major role in the fighting.

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