Taric Challenger Champion Guide | How to Play Taric Season 8 – League of Legends

An in-depth challenger champion guide to Taric. In this video I go through the ins and outs of how to play Taric in season 8.

0:19 Champion introduction
0:59 Abilities and Max Order
4:06 Runes
5:13 Summoner Spells
5:57 When to Pick
6:29 Build Path
8:22 Lane Phase
9:09 Roaming
9:20 Mid to Late Game

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43 Replies to “Taric Challenger Champion Guide | How to Play Taric Season 8 – League of Legends”

  1. Well i was always maxing w cuse extra armo and this shield isnt that small like it looks (well it works for me and good with adc) nice guide bro i will try to be more agressive with taric 😀

  2. Nice guide, but I cannot resist getting a sheen on Taric. It is a huge damage spike and allows him to do a ton of damage to anyone foolish enough to get into a melee extended trade with him.

  3. Am I the only Taric Main here since when taric was rework? Haha.

    Also my builds quite different. My core builds are Tears of Goddess(till the end of the game), Eye of Equinox, Ardent, and Solari. Sometimes my build depends on the enemy champions I’m dealing with.

  4. I have about 700k mastery on Taric and this video popped up in my suggested list so I just watched to see how your opinions vary from mine. I agree with almost everything you said except the rune page. Guardian can be a good option, but there are others that work better in some situations. I personally prefer aftershock to boost his early damage by a lot. The extra 70 armor at level 1 is a huge boost to his burst damage and I can often chunk the enemy ADC to below half hp with just a stun and 2 autos. The other option if you have a slippery enemy or aren't confident in landing his stun is Glacial augment combined with approach velocity. Autoing an enemy both slows them and gives you a speed boost to easily land the stun.

    For secondary, I always run precision with presence of mind and tenacity. Precision by itself is a nice buff to Taric's attack speed which in turn gives him CDR to heal and shield more frequently. Presence of mind allows Taric to use his Q 4 times for free after every single level up in laning phase and essentially makes him a manaless champion in teamfights.

  5. Thanks for the guide! One question: do you think Precision runes are worth for Taric in secondary tree? Sometimes I use the atkspd+mana regen ones, but I dunno what is better, this or Inspiration

  6. Hey, Nasteey, ive been maining sup since i started, and Taric himself since right before the rework, only placed G5 s7 though. Ive maxed Q W E since, and wanted to ask your input on the skill order you provided. Thanks in advance 😀

  7. I believe taking precision is better on second path, as presence of mind grants infinite mana after leveling up or takedown, which allows you to easily 2v3, and sometimes 1v3 if any of the enemies are low health. also, having some extra attack speed always helps with the passive. Other than that, if the manaflow changes come, it'll be much better since it will grant permanent mana after every proc. Also, the glacial augment is working pretty fine too, making you more of a solo laner instead of a babysitting support. Having it with some rammus or yasuo makes sure no one survives if they come even just a bit close to you.
    Itemwise, the second item should always be glacial shroud, since it gives mana, armor and cdr. Taric always has mana problems during early game, so it helps to increase the mana pool, and if the enemy team is heavily reliant on AA, you can always rush it into a frozen heart. For boots, unless they have hard cc, I prefer taking swiftness since Taric HAS to be around of something to AA, to keep the ADC alive, so some extra move speed helps. But these are all coming from some diamond supp main in EUNE, so I don't know how reliable it can be on better servers.

  8. Good job on your channel, im main support as well, and i found that are a lot of people who only like to play assassin's role or any kind of domination role // lane, so im my opinion You are doing a great job on that support channel ( and a good one ) so keep up the good work, you just got a Huge fan of your channel, Cheers

  9. Can you help me on a high sustain damage build for taric? Being able to survive on my own while dealing damage and having almost undying sustain in team fights as well as lane phase. Granted being a support champion, I hope you can help me look outside the box.

  10. Thanks for the guides! Love the videos, I really appreciate that you actually explain everything instead of just doing gameplay video and saying "yeah this is how awesome I am with XYZ champ"

  11. With the support item changes, what do you think of starting coin with Taric now to get to your items faster and have the blue coins to help with mana in leaning, Or spell thief’s for more ap for your heals and shields and mana regen to help with mana problems from spamming abilities?

  12. I'm in lower elo and I like to play my taric with a 2nd/3rd item Abyssal Mask (after stacking some Completed or uncompleted armor sources). It gives a fair chunk of mana (300) and gives the eternity passive which is really good for mana greed. I like to max q first (say hello to ability spam!) for the cheesy great sustain, and especially against/on epic monsters (20 min baron is really doable with shyv or someone similar). It really sets-up well with/for his ultimate when your adc gets that fat heal, bonus points when you can w and e for 4 aa's. it's delicious. The inspiration rune that makes you go faster towards enemies when they are stunned by you -is also not bad with his aa-playset. PS: don't max q if you build him without either a glacial shroud nor a catalyst. You will oom way before you can say freelo. I usually like to get both btw, although, only one pre-30 or so. whichever fits better atm is what I do, and I get it early, sometimes first back.

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